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Along the coast of the Mar Menor and Costa Cálida are numerous sandy beaches, lively ports and deserted coves, with impressive cliffs and crystal clear waters, tempting families, couples and sports enthusiasts alike. The water is very clean and clear, with many beaches being awarded the blue flag.

There are two distinct parts to the coast. The east-facing part is dominated by the Mar Menor ("Little Sea"), a huge natural lagoon over 10 miles long by 6 miles wide. The waters of the Mar Menor are 5 degrees warmer than in the Mediterranean Sea, and also much shallower with a maximum depth of 7 metres. Great care and attention is paid to litter collection, and lifeguards / police patrols operate in popular spots. The long, thin strip of land between the lagoon and the Mediterranean is La Manga ("The sleeve") and the whole warm lagoon is lined with clean, gently sloping beaches and pretty, low-rise resort towns. It forms the perfect water sports environment, hence the wide choice of marinas, and is dotted with dramatic islands.

Lo Pagán - starting from the north and south, you will find the salt marshes and man-made 'pans,' where salt is harvested, now a protected Nature Park. Migrating birds use the marshes as a stop-over and bird-watching is popular. The mineral content of the mud makes it a sought-after remedy or conditioner, especially for the skin, and there are several therapy spas. Lo Pagán has 2 sandy beaches separated by a marina and fishing harbour. A long promenade stretches to the rear of both of these beaches and joins up with the next resort – Santiago de la Ribera.

Santiago de la Ribera-- perhaps the most attractive of the Mar Menor resorts, sitting on the shores of the Mar Menor, directly in front of San Javier and the two are closely linked. Home to a superb marina area and some of the best restaurants in the region. Here you will find a ferry, which travels across the Mar Menor to the Tomás Maestre Marina, on the La Manga Strip, every 2 hours.

Los Alcázares sits right at the centre point of the Mar Menor coast and have an excellent range of modern facilities, including a sizeable marina. It has a village also have a long history, a as fishing port and as spa tows. Los Alcázares has a promenade that is over 4km long stretching from the airport right through to the marina at the southern end. There are many beach bars and restaurants that line the beach. The beach at Playa del Espejo-has won the famous Q Awards for their high standards. 

Cabo de Palos-is a small point of land jutting out into the Mediterranean. Naturally equipped, with many small bays and inlets, it has always been a centre for fishing, and the main port area is one of the prettiest on the entire coast. Using fresh local fish and vegetables, some of the best restaurants in the area line the traditional quayside and charge amazingly reasonable prices.

Calblanque is an area of exceptional beauty and tranquility with fine golden, sandy beaches and clear, sparkling waters. It stretches along 13 km of the coast and consists of beaches, peaceful coves, ancient sand dunes, stunning rock formations, beautiful walking trails and pine forests. The peaceful beaches are one of the main attractions - the most popular being Playa Calblanque. There are many peaceful coves to explore and due to the remoteness of the area you may even find yourself alone in one of these coves.

Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón - west of Cartagena - a wild and craggy coast has kept development to a minimum and it is not until the huge bay of Mazarrón that there is much sign of activity. Within the bay itself and immediately around are 30 beaches and a number of small but growing resorts, some of which will be linked by a new 6-mile seafront promenade.

- west of Mazarrón - is almost 15 miles of undeveloped coast. Though is a beautiful series of four bays and over thirty, with a crescent of mountains behind, between which sits the town of Águilas. Established as a port in Roman times and protected by a fine 1597 castle that survives to this day, it is a classically friendly and relaxed southern Spanish town where strangers become friends in record time. Home to great natural beauty, a spectacular carnival and a perfect lifestyle, Águilas is not to be missed.

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