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Robbo´s Golf Workshop

You can be assured of an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly. Robbo has created a workshop and coaching centre where he custom builds, repairs, alters golf clubs and provides coaching to help you improve your game to give the complete bespoke service.

Address:Avenida de la Union 72,Centro Comercial Hispania, Local 7, 30730 San Javier

Telephone: 0034 968193627 or 0034 666766600

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Directions from HRGR


Bill Jones:“If you need any golf club repairs / adjustments, re-gripping, trolley repairs, etc. then you might like to try Robbo's Golf Workshop. The owner's name is Neil Robinson, and he charged me 6 euros to shorten my putter, did it while I waited, and did a great job. Replacement golf grips are more expensive in Spain, but if you buy your own at home, he will charge €3.50 to re-grip each club. The shop is in the Mercedona square, near San Javier airport.”

John Jarvis:"I used Robbo's golf shop a few months back,he had a good selection of grips and it took only a few minutes to do my driver."

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